Story of a nation

Whats going on here ?

Welcome to Darmia , 2019

Darmia is a country Drowned in quarrel and civil war , Different Groups fight each other  for power and control on Oil and Gas resources  . People and citizens  of Darmia are the biggest victims of this devastating situation and they have been seeking for solace for years .Tired of many Years of War , They are searching for a way to release themselves from This limbo .

Land of decay and chaos

Repuclic of Darmia

Nature and Environment

Darmia is a small Country In South East Europe with pristine scenery and a variety of beautiful climates from coasts  in the west to the mountains in north it has a unique nature . This country didn’t have any major income resources before discovering of Oil and gas , declared neutrality in most world conflicts and events and The people of this country lived in peace and prosperity  However, there have been tensions and wars in the history of this country from time to time .

Armed forces

National Liberation Army : They have the strongest land , air and naval forces cause they were the majority of  former darmia’s official army . 

Republican Guard : They either have land and air forces . this group is a combination of republican guards and the rest of the darmia’s official army .

United Guerrillas : This is the collection of different paramilitary forces which gather together and united to have a better chance against government and army forces  .

National Resistance Front : This is a combination of deserted army special forces and some other ex military prisoners and patriots who fight for liberation .

Free Militia : This group is made by some local freedom fighters and ordinary people who start a nationwide freedom movement .


Politics and Government

In the year 2000 and With the coming to power of the new government of president Mitchell Timberson And his pro-party along its synchronization with the discovery of huge oil and gas resources ,This has turned Darmia totalitarian Government into a Full Cruel  Dictatorship and It became the focus of all aspects of the lives of the people in this country .In the years (2000-2017), many of the government opposition massacred , executed or  they were transferred to forced labor camps  . Darmia, which was often ignored by the international communities , After  2013 and turning it into a major oil exporter was now in the center of attention .

History of a nation

In 2016 and after many nationwide protests and political conflicts , Darmia National Army led by General Ralph Corben launches an unsuccessful coup against the government and then during 3 years of fighting The country become very weak and fragmented , The capital , the northern and eastern parts of the country were  under the control of government forces and the Republican Guards while The central and southern parts were under the control of the national army forces But over time and with the war dragged on ,  both sides weakened  and Militant and separatist groups emerge and take control of various areas and parts of the country, and This led  the country plunged into a vortex of chaos .